On Wall Boiling models for the workplace. Instant boiling water on tap. 


Saves Time. No more wated time waiting for water to boil. The ZIP HydroBoil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preparation, at the touch of a lever. Designed to operate within 3°C of boiling point.


Saves Energy. No energy wasted boiling more water than required. Two-way tap control for a cup-full or a teapot-full at a time.


Steam Free & Hygienic. Concealed cistern, ensuring the ultimate in hygiene and protecting kitchen cupboards from steam damage.

space Saves Space. No cluttered worktops - Zip instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles, urns and exposed power leads.

Saves Money. Cost effective to run - thanks to the dual chamber design, recycling the steam to preheat the incoming water.



  • Instant boiling water for tea, coffee, and cooking.
  • Designed to operate within 3°C of boiling point with thermal temperature control.
  • New energy conserving “Cool Touch” tap provides fingertip control, reduces heat loss and saves energy.
  • Two-way tap control for precision filling of cups, locks on for filling pots.
  • Fully automatic.Steam free.
  • Optional filtration systems.
  • Choice of brushed Stainless Steel or White Powder Coated.
  • Able to deliver between 12 to 300 cups of boiling water at one time depending on choice of model.
  • Peak demand-loading is reduced considerably in comparison to traditional kettles and urns.
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections.


  • Twin chamber instant boiling water heater.
  • Capacity: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 25, 50 litres.
  • Thermal thermostat.
  • Available in Stainless Steel or corrosion resistant White Epoxy Powder Coated Steel.
  • Thermal cut-out to protect against over-boiling and complications occurred during water supply interruption.

hydroboil diagram


-HydroBoil Stainless Steel

ZIP HydroBoil ...litre (please specify) Stainless Steel instant boiling water unit. Outer case manufactured from Stainless Steel with a two-way tap, complete with twin-chamber technology. Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) equipped with Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit (highly recommended for hard-water conditions).

-HydroBoil White Expoxy Powder Coated

ZIP HydroBoil ...litre (please specify) instant boiling water unit with White Epoxy Powder Coated outer case, and a two-way tap, complete with twin-chamber technology. Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) equipped with Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit (highly recommended for hard-water conditions).


Product Code White Epoxy Product Code Stainless Steel Description

Cabinet Dimensions W x D x H

Maximum Cups At One Time

Approx. Recovery Rate Per Minute Element Rating kW Phase V
2610006  2610007

2.5 litre Hydroboil

250 x 150 x 431  12 - 15 1 Cup  1.5   Single 220/230V
2610008 261009  5 litre Hydroboil  318 x 150 x 460  25 - 30  1 Cup  1.5  Single 220/230V 
2610010 2610011  7.5 litre Hydroboil  310 x 180 x 460  36 - 45  1 Cup  1.5  Single 220/230V 
2610012 2610013  10 litre Hydroboil  340 x 205 x 630  50 - 60  1.5 Cup  2.4  Single 220/230V 
2610014 2610015  15 litre Hydroboil  370 x 290 x 630  75 - 90  2 Cups  2.4  Single 220/230V 
2610016 2610017  25 litre Hydroboil (2 taps)*  510 x 290 x 630  120 - 150  3 Cups  3.0  Single 220/230V 
2610018 2610019 50 litre Hydroboil (2 taps)* 855 x 290 x 630 250 - 300 Cups 1 x 7.2 Three Phase 380/230V

*HydroBoil has a 1 year warranty

Optional Filtration

Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit

Product Code Description

Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit Complete


Replacement Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Cartridge.

0.2 micron - 6,435 litres filtration @ 1.9 litres per minute

HydroBoil Product Range

  • All
  • Commercial