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The most energy-efficient electronically controlled instant boiling water system yet.

Zip HydroBoil Pro saves energy in 5 ways:

power pulse 1. Power-PulseTM technology cuts standby power consumption dramatically. Cuts back to micro-pulse power during periods of light usage, or when unused.
sleep mode 2. Sleep-mode feature can be set to activiate after 2 or 4 hours of non-use.
sleep when its dark 3. Sleep-when-it's-dark feature can be set to activate after 2 or 4 hours of non-use.
programmable 4. Programmable 24/7 on/off power clock can disconnect power twice each day.
steam 5. Patented steam-heat-boost system recycles steam to preheat incoming water.


  • Large capacity on-wall instant boiling water system.
  • Built-in patented technology for increased energy-efficiency.
  • Patented twin-chamber technology separates incoming cold water from boiling.
  • Patented steam-heat-boost technology pre-heats incoming cold water.
  • Two-way, cool-to-touch tap for easy and safe dispensing of boiling water.
  • Push forward for filling cups, pull back to ‘lock on’ to fill pots hands-free.
  • Dual-port internal water tank access for easy servicing.
  • Suitable for all water areas, with stainless steel boiling tank.


  • Large capacity instant boiling water heater.
  • Patented twin-chamber technology separates incoming mains water from boiling tank so boiling water temperature is not compromised.
  • Patented steam-heat-boost feature preheats mains water in the cistern prior to entry into boiling tank.
  • Designed to maintain water within 1°C of boiling set point. Factory set to 98°C.
  • Internal condensing system retains steam within the heater minimising energy loss.
  • Classic two-way tap control for precision filling of cups.
  • Lifting tap locks ON for filling pots.
  • Stainless steel boiling chamber with service access ports on top and bottom.
  • Temperature control automatically cuts off the power in the event of temperature control failure or boil dry situation.

hydroboil pro diagram


ZIP HydroBoil Pro 3 litre or 7.5 litre (please specify) Stainless Steel instant boiling water unit. Manufactured from Stainless Steel with a two-way tap, complete with twinchamber technology, a steam-heat boost system and Power-Pulse technology. Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) equipped with Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit (highly recommended for hard-water conditions).

Product Code Description

Cabinet Dimensions W x D x H

Maximum Cups At One Time

Approx. Recovery Rate Per Minute Element Rating kW Phase V

3l HydroBoil Pro Stainless Steel

289 x 180 x 431 15 - 18 1.5 cups 1.5 Single 220/230V
2610032 7.5l HydroBoil Pro Stainless Steel 318 x 198 x 578 45 - 50 2.5 cups 2.4 Single 220/230V

*HydroBoil Pro has a 1 year warranty

Optional Filtration

Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit

Product Code Description

Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit Complete


Replacement Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Cartridge.

0.2 micron - 6,435 litres filtration @ 1.9 litres per minute

HydroBoil Product Range

  • All
  • Commercial